Houseboats for residential long stay, houseboats for rent to live in amsterdam

At this time, I have no boats available.

But check out my site and send me an email if you'd like to be informed if anything is coming available soon.

 Direct from owner, for 6 months or more,  Amsterdam, Netherlands

Centrally located, fully furnished, prestige homes. Yearly rental

To have a look at our long term Amsterdam rentals, click on the image above.

If you're looking for a B+B or vacation rental, please see the links at the bottom of this page

Amsterdam housing, long term accommodation for expats direct from owner, no agency fees!

Looking for an executive long term apartment rental in Amsterdam? Consider a houseboat instead. A houseboat will give you instant status that you won't get with a house or apartment.

If you need a prestige home in the city, a houseboat will give you better status that any luxury corporate apartment

Musician moving to Amsterdam? You can practice at home if you live in a houseboat.

Do you have own an Amsterdam houseboat you want to rent out? Write to me.

Dogs are welcome aboard, but not cats [due to allergy]

Sorry, but our boats are for non [tobacco] smokers only.

Please email for details;


We do not let out our boats for short term stays. I recomend these sites; Bona Spes and citymundo

Please note that I have no financial interest in these links, and can accept no responsibility for them.