Amsterdam houseboats for annual lease, the Amsterdam apartment alternative
Amsterdam Houseboat rental

    Not available at this time

    Watergruwel 19M studio

    €1,200 pm exc.

    Not available at this time

    Not available at this time

    Muselaer 25x5 meters   2bedrooms

    Realengracht 27x4.4Meter   1bedroom €1,500pm



  Living on a houseboat in Amsterdam

  Houseboat tips

 Buying an   Amsterdam houseboat

Amsterdam woonboten te koop, houseboats for sale

Types of Dutch houseboats

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 Amsterdam houseboat rentals, the Amsterdam apartment alternative

Everything about houseboats in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Alles over waterwoningen in Amsterdam, woonboten, woonark[en], woonschip, woonschepen informatie

 Amsterdam woonboten te koop, houseboats for sale

Search terms;                    woonark te koop woonarken te koop, Woonschip te koop Woonschepen te koop woonboot te koop woonboten te koop

I don't have any boats for sale myself, but I'm willing to post ads on this site. if you have a boat for sale, let me know.

All the sites listed below are in Dutch. if you don't read Dutch, try Google translate for the whole page; they're getting better all the time.

I suggest you read my page buying an Amsterdam houseboat if you haven't owned one before

Websites where Amsterdam Houseboats for sale can be found; Has the offers of three of the main agencies; but keep looking before making any decisions.


This is the central website for available housing for sale in the Netherlands, and some boats will be listed there as well, if they are handled by a licensed real estate agent [makalaar].

If the direct link doesn't work right, go to, uitgebreid zoeken. select the Plaats [Noord Holland], city[s] you want, then the right arrow to move them to the search area. then under "soort woning", select "woonboot" has a lot of classifieds

 Another site; this is an advertising medium, so you'll get a lot of the listings from the sites above. But some unique ads as well.

I have 25 years experience with houseboats in Amsterdam, and I'm doing my best to share it through this site.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Have a link to add? Send me an email.


If this page does not display properly in your browser, please let me know!
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